Initiatives and Campus Partners

Our Initiatives

Contemporary Student Services aims to create a campus environment that is supportive of all students. Key to the success of our initiatives are our campus partners who are equally committed to providing all students with what they need to succeed. Providing access, understanding, and creating environments in which students can succeed drive our initiatives.

Contemporary Student Lounge

The Contemporary Student Lounge is located on the first floor of the HUB on the Fairfax campus. The lounge is a great place to relax, study, and connect with other students. Contemporary student advisors are always in the lounge and so are coffee, tea, and snacks.

Kids Krate

The Kids Krate initiative creates a sense of belonging for students who may have to bring their children to your office. By providing books, games, and toys Mason offices can help keep children preoccupied while their parent or guardian gets important information and support.

Kid Friendly Offices with Kids Krates

  • Bioengineering Department (Peterson Hall, Suite 3100)
  • Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience (Krasnow, 204, 255, 256)
  • Mechanical Engineering (3300 Nguyen Engineering Building)
  • History Department (Robinson B361)
  • Criminology, Law, and Society (Enterprise 354)
  • College of Education and Human Development, teacher track (Thompson 2300)
  • College of Education and Human Development Admissions (Thompson 1700)
  • School of Integrated Studies (Enterprise 4th floor)
  • Student Support and Advocacy Center (Sub 1, 3200)
  • INTO Mason (Mason Global Center, 1017)
  • LEAD: Leadership, Education, and Development (HUB 2400)
  • University Life Central/Dean of Students (Sub 1, 4211)
  • Graduate Student Life (Sub 1, 3326)
  • Contemporary Student Services (Sub 1, 3600)
  • Mason Care Network (Sub 1, 3600)
  • Office of International Programs and Services (Sub 1, 4300)

Gowns for Grads

Welcome future Mason Graduates!  Graduation should be a time of excitement and possibility, not a time to feel burdened by another expense: a $60 cap and gown for graduation.

To offer some financial relief, Mason has created the Gowns for Grads Program to make regalia available for our students who are unable to purchase regalia on their own.  If you are a first-generation student, low income, Pell Grant recipient, Stay Mason recipient, or cannot afford regalia right now due to financial difficulties, then this program is for you!

Caps and gowns that are provided by the program to students must be returned to the program after the spring ceremonies.  Gowns are borrowed on a first come, first served basis.  We have a limited inventory, so make sure you apply early.  While we try to provide students with the full regalia set, items will be provided as they are available (i.e. we have a limited number of hoods, cords, and tassels).

Click here for more information!

Learning Labs and Workshops

Learning Labs and other workshops provide Mason faculty and staff an opportunity to learn more about the contemporary student communities here on campus. Participants will learn the demographic information about these communities, barriers they face, and how you and your unit can uniquely support in creating an environment that is conducive to academic and holistic success.

Contemporary Student Advisory Board

The purpose of the Contemporary Student Advisory Board is to discuss and learn more about the experiences of contemporary students at Mason. Discussions will help Contemporary Student Services advocate for the needs of all contemporary students with campus partners. Information from this group will be shared with relevant stakeholders to help improve the experience for contemporary students. This is a great leadership opportunity and a place to develop connections and have meaningful conversations about your student experience. Applications are available each fall and commitment runs for the academic year.

Interested students can apply by contacting