Online Learners

Contemporary Student Services

Events at Mason are open to all students, so you are welcome to go to any event that is of interest to you. To find events, download the Mason360 app or go to the website. 

Every semester events are held specifically for online learners to help with their academic and social transition to the university. If you would like to learn more about events specifically for online learners click the button below. 

Do you have questions about campus? Meet with a peer mentor! They are here to share tips and tricks with you.


You can also make an appointment to talk Matt, Coordinator for Off-Campus Students, or Caroline, Coordinator for Contemporary Students. They provide resources and support for Adult Learners, Graduate Students, and Student Parents.

If you are a fully online Mason student and would like to provide feedback about your experiences, we would appreciate your time and perspectives! You are able to join the Contemporary Student Advisory Board or share your feedback via email. Please connect with us at

Apply for the Contemporary Student Advisory Board! The Student Advisory Board is an opportunity for you to create a Mason that is engaging for all students. It’s a place to share your experiences, meet other students like you, and make a positive impact on your peers and campus. All Contemporary Students are welcome! Applications are ongoing. Contact or for more information.


Learn more about Mason Online and the resources available to you as an online student!

Learning services offers tutoring and academic coaching. 

In addition, learning services hosts workshops on topics such as:

  • managing anxiety
  • better sleep
  • memory strategies
  • time management
  • motivation

The Office of Military Services provides Mason students with tailored benefits counseling, admissions support, and opportunities to build a community for members of the military, veterans, and their families. 

Academic Advisors are available to talk about classes, minors, and other supplemental advising information on your academic journey. Not sure where to find your academic advisor? Click the button below!

Success Coaches help students identify resources to enhance their Patriot experiences. Coaches work with students to help them develop and implement personal, career, and academic goals. They provide support and encouragement to help students continue writing their story while at Mason. Success Coaches will discuss all aspects of a student’s life that affects their overall well-being.

Patriot Perks is a collaborative program among several university and local entities. Through the program, local businesses connect with the Mason community by offering exclusive discounts through the program. For a full list of deals check out the link here: